Unrestrained Bolts (rules free with any set) – for track races up to 400 meters

Olympic single edition databook 1896 1€ 1900 to 1936 2€ each 1948 to 1964 3€ each 2016 4€

World Championships  London 2017 Doha 2019 4€ each

European Championships vol I 1934-1958, vol II 1962-1978 vol III 1982-1998 vol IV 2002-2016 6€ each; Berlin 2018 4€

World Indoor Championships vol I 1987-1997, vol II 1999-2006 vol III 2008-2016, 5€ each; Birmingham 2018 2€

1972, 1976 Yearbook (not a complete game, need the basic set to play) €4 each


Run Jump Throw (rules free with any set) – for all the track races from 800 meters to 10000 meters and all the Field events

Olympic single edition databook 1896 2€ 1900 to 1936 3€ each


IAAF Athletics - Diamond League

As usual a very fast replaying game, similar to our Pursuing Glory game, with yearly databook, with at least a dozen athletes rated for each discipline, both men and women (so you get hundreds of rating with each yearbook)

Each set a complete game, available sets

Diamond League 2010, 2011 yearbook €8 each

Athletics World Cup, 1977-2006

Covering the 10 editions of this once very important event (but that lost pace with the two years interval for the World Championships), where the Five Continents plus USA and variable indidivual European nations competed in a points competition.

The game is playable by itself - with a very simple system that gives only the final classification for each event (and this is the only important part of the competition, to be true) - or can be used as a huge expansion set for both our Athletics games, Central Lanes and Higher Faster Longer (you need both of them to fully replay this competitions).   12€

European Team Championships, 2009-2015,

Following the step of our previous release on World Team Cup, so playable by itself (with a simple,but effective system), but better used as an expansion set for both Central Lanes and Higher Faster Longer. 10€

European team championships single year edition, 2017 and 2019 2€ each

College  Teams Track and Field (rules free with any set)

NCAA Nationals 1921 1922 1923 1925 2€ each


Marathon World Athletics Championships 1983-2015 is a supplement only (you need the Olympic version to play), with data for all the events in the Athletics Championships 10€

Cross Country Running World Champs vol.I 1973-1977 4€ (you need Marathon Rulebook to play)

Cross Country World Champs vol.II 1978-1982 (need the basic Marathon set to play) 4€

Cross Country Running World Champs vol.III 1983-1987 (needs the basic Marathon rulebook to play) 4€