Heroes of the Majors - GOLF

On the steps of my Heroes of the Slam tennis series of games, here is a golf game, similar in the approach (ie. a very fast replay simulation), that covers the 4 major golf tournaments of the year, the so-called Majors.

The game is playable round by round (18 holes for each round), or hole by hole and each golfer (usually at least 50 golfers for each tournament) is so rated.

There are also rules for match play when a tournament was played that way (and this open space for future Ryder cup modules).

The basic game contains the rulebook and tables needed to play plus the 1910 US Open championship.                                                                              €5


Avalaible Sets  (you need the basic set to play) €2 each


Special set: 1940-1945 €5

LPGA Sets  (1€ each)

LPGA Championship 1963 1969 1970 ; Nabisco Dinah Shore 1983 ; Titleholder Championships 1963; US Open 1963 1964 ; Western Open 1963


World of Golf

Presents PGA Tour, with single yearbook.. Each yearbook has data for about an hundred players, rated for the simple resolution system of the game, but also for playing with the Heroes of the Majors rules, if you have them (the same approach we have used with cycling for our Pursuing Glory yearbooks).

Each yearbook (complete game) costs 4


Available Sets



Ryder Cup

The basic set has rulebook and complete data for the three USA versus Great Britain & Ireland editions of the cup, 1973, 1975 and 1977. The complete game €8

Expansion Sets €1 each (basic set needed to play)


Canada Cup (need Ryder Cup or Heroes of the Majors set to play) €2 each


College Golf (rules free with any set; individual set 1€ each)

NCAA Yearbook from 1939 to 1964

Olympic Golf ( need Ryder Cup or Heroes of the Majors set to play)

1900 1904 2€

2016 3€

College Golf (rules free with any set)

NCAA Men Tournament 2013 2014 2015 1€ each

NCAA Women Tournament 2013 2014 2015 1€ each